Partnership with Morison International.

In its constant growth, Grupo KMC integrated as an independent firm of Morison International, an association of CPA firms based in the UK and worldwide presence.

Morison International has 93 member firms in 65 countries and over 6,340 employees. This ensures our customers can use our experience and expertise anywhere in the world.

Additionally, in order to comprehensively support its customers, Grupo KMC has partnered with specialists in the areas of:

  • Industrial property
  • Foreign Trade
  • Civil Law
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Law
  • Labor Law

Some statistics of Morison International:

  • 93 independent firms throughout the world.
  • Presence in 65 countries with a total of 250 offices.
  • 907 partners and 6,340 professional employees.
  • Morison International is within the top 15 financial services organizations worldwide, and growing.