We offer specific solutions for particular situations.


Accounting and administrative

Support in the accounting and administrative processes (Business Process Outsourcing) to customers who do not have their own accounting department.

Accounting consulting

Support customers who have an accounting department, but require assistance in the process of the information on its operations and the formulation of its financial statements.

Tax consulting

Advisory services on tax matters in both domestic and international taxation.

Audit financial statements

Grupo KMC has extensive practical experience in auditing financial statements of Mexican companies and subsidiaries of foreign groups.

Federal Income Tax consulting

Emit advice in compliance with tax obligations on Federal Tax according to current regulations.

Local Tax Certification Report

Emit advice in compliance with tax obligations in local tax, according to current regulations.

Social Security’s Certification Report

Development of opinions and advice in the obligation to pay Social Security contributions.

Infonavit certification of compliance

Development of opinions and advice in the obligations to pay contributions to Infonavit.

Government entities audit

Our group is qualified to perform audits in the government sector assigned by the Ministry of Public Service. To do this, we have the trained personnel.

Payroll services

Customer support in the formulation of payroll, following the internal guidelines and provisions for federal and local tax and Social Security contributions.

Tax Consulting for Investors

We provide advice and support to individuals to fulfill their tax obligations.